Walking a Mile in a Bridesmaid’s Shoe

Part of being a bridesmaid is following what the bride wants you to wear. It is becoming less common for bridesmaids to wear the exact same shoe as one another, but that doesn’t mean there will be full reign over shoe style. More often than not, the bride will specify guidelines to follow.

Typically, you will need to pick and choose within given parameters, which could help narrow down the type of shoe that matches best with the style of bridesmaids’ dresses and the bride’s vision.

  • Heel height, if any at all (no request, nothing over x”, etc.)
  • Open or close toe
  • Color (one specific color, any neutral, etc.)
  • Adornments (glitter, straps, bows, etc.)

Selecting the shoes for yourself definitely has its benefits if you’re hesitant on heels. You would be able to find a pair the right price range, get some you will be able to wear again, and be confident that you’ll be comfortable in them, whether all you need is less of a heel or a wider size. The final thing to keep in mind is what you have for accessories. For example, with silver jewelry it may be easier on to pick a silver-toned shoe.

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