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School dances like prom and homecoming are often rated as some of the most memorable experiences in high school.  It’s a pretty awesome feeling being able to dress up all cute and dance the night away with your friends. The truth is, the days leading up to the dance can be just as memorable as you search far and near with your friends and family for the perfect dress that will accurately express your style. That feeling of finally finding it and taking it home is like winning the lottery.  But sure, it can be tedious and even frustrating at times when you’re trying on so many different dresses at so many different stores on so many different days, but then again, if you know where to go, finding the perfect dress becomes easy and dare we say, fun!  The process of finding that dress can be made even more special when you have supportive friends and family to share your experience with.  But don’t take our word for it, instead checkout what Kinsy has to say about her experiences finding her prom and homecoming dresses over the past four years! She’ll also share some helpful prom tips for the first time prom-goers as well as her actual photos of the dresses she picked out at Dress District. Here’s what she had to say…

Q: So Kinsy, what does prom mean to you?
A: Prom is one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have in
high school. To me, it is a time to dress up, put on some heels, take
countless pictures with your best friends, spend the night with a
hopefully not too awkward date, and dance the night away!

Q: What was your favorite theme for prom?
A: My favorite prom theme that my high school put on was the cliché
masquerade theme! Although this is a common theme, I loved choosing a
dress that went with my mask that I made!

Q: How did you decide on the perfect dress?
A: Finding the perfect dress each year was a process! Each year, my mom,
my grandma (Mimi), and I would take the day to go to Denver to try on
countless dresses. We would usually go to several different stores to
see all the possibilities; however, oddly enough, I would usually end up
back at Dress District to try on my favorites once again. Sometimes it
was a difficult decision, but nevertheless, when the purchase was made I
knew I had made the right choice! Not only was dress shopping fun and
necessary for the upcoming occasion, but spending the day with my mom
and Mimi made it all the more memorable— memories I will NEVER forget.

Q: Any tips for first time prom-goers?
A: Yes, here’s my tip-list…

  1. Although Macy’s has some cute dresses, the majority of girls
    purchase their dress from that store; so be careful when shopping in
    department stores, you don’t want to show up to Prom to find out you
    are one of three girls in the same dress! Also, the more unique the
    dress, the less likely anyone will have anything like it. Rock your own
    2. There’s no such thing as too many pictures— you’ll only regret
    the one’s you do not take!
    3. Do not forget to bring an extra comfy pair of clothes for after the
    dance, most schools have some sort of after party.
    4. Enjoy every minute of it! High school goes by fast and these are the
    precious moments you will look back on forever.Q: What did you do with your dresses after prom?
    A: I kept all of my prom dresses after the event. There’s something
    about giving them away that makes me sad! I will always remember the
    nights I had in those dresses. However, there’s been several times
    where I’ve loaned one of them to a friend to rock for the night. Also,
    you never know, maybe they’ll still be in style by the time my future
    daughter goes to prom! Maybe not… but I’m sure they would make fun
    dress up clothes in several years!


Kinsy, thank you so much for your time and consideration answering these questions and for supporting our local Colorado business over the past several years! We couldn’t have done it without you and families like you. We wish you the very best of luck as you enter college and go on to do so many wonderful things for so many wonderful people!

Check out pics of Kinsy rockin’ her gowns from Dress District below!


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