The Honor of Being a Bridesmaid

Almost every aspect of weddings today are rooted in very traditional elements. Bridesmaids are women that have been there for the bride long before the wedding day; they may have even had a hand in planning the wedding itself!

Nowadays, bridesmaids help plan the bachelorette party – a party to honor the bride before she weds with some of her closest female friends and family. Bridesmaids are also there for the bride’s moral support, companionship, and assistance with preparing on the day of the wedding.

This tradition, however, was created for slightly different reasons. Ancient Roman law stated that at each wedding, there should be ten bridesmaids and ten groomsmen to accompany the betrothed. Why have so many?

Well, the culture was very superstitious. The wedding party was to dress identical to the couple in order to confuse evil spirits that came to ruin the joyous atmosphere. Even less than a century ago in Italy, white or near white bridesmaids dresses were not only accepted, but highly encouraged. Often, the couple was to bring their wedding party on their “bridal tour”. Imagine that honeymoon!

Whether the bride wishes for her bridesmaids to all wear the same dress, or simply the same color, this tradition still thrives.

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