Solfar Sun Voyager

As I set sail aboard the Sun Voyager  toward a dreamland destination of my utmost inner desires, a wave of water and light mesh into one as my gown flows rhythmically to the beat of my heart. Soothing vibrations from the universe tranquilize my mental state while drifting slowly out to sea into a dream where the sun seldom sets and light rules over darkness.

Upon arrival and to my delight, I am respectfully greeted by friends, not only for the journey that I’ve endured, but for the journey that lies ahead. At the moment, I find myself elevated slightly near a sparkling sea where frosty mountains dominate a cloudy horizon. Peace is prosperous and tranquility flows through veins like water. The freedom of expression is encouraged and welcome while love and happiness are dispersed without prejudice.

As the sun traverses steadily along the horizon,  I drift slowly back into a hypnotic state of euphoria. The detailed beading of my gown catches a ray of light and for a moment, I shine like a heavenly creature on display.

The sun is swallowed back into an abyss of cumulus clouds, while the fresh ocean breeze soothes the souls of my companions  The time spent here was brief, but everlasting…


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