Almost every aspect of weddings today are rooted in very traditional elements. Bridesmaids are women that have been there for the bride long before the wedding day; they may have even had a hand in planning the wedding itself! Nowadays, bridesmaids help plan the bachelorette party – a party to honor the bride before she […]

When you look back at your wedding photos on your 5th anniversary, how do you imagine yourself looking? Bright eyes, wide smile? You can go anywhere from a dramatic winged smokey eye to make it seem like you’re not wearing any at all! Since most brides prefer a more toned-down look, we will be focusing […]

Part of being a bridesmaid is following what the bride wants you to wear. It is becoming less common for bridesmaids to wear the exact same shoe as one another, but that doesn’t mean there will be full reign over shoe style. More often than not, the bride will specify guidelines to follow. Typically, you […]

Contouring is a makeup technique to use shading and highlighting to make the structures of your face more prominent. The darker colors recede while the lighter tones come forward, creating a thrilling optical illusion on your face! As any dramatic look, daily wear may become tedious, but it’s always fun to try out something new! […]

Avoiding store-bought face and skin care regimens can be executed easily with some creative DIY projects! Here is a brief guide to inspire your beautiful mind to naturally exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize oily to dry skin! *Be sure to test all ingredients for allergic reactions on a small area of skin beforehand.* Oily Skin If […]

Do you remember a time when we were both small? The night you were born I came to your stall. You frolicked about with your legs in the air, We bonded from the start – our connection quite rare. The seasons changed quickly and now we’ve grown older, Now you must remain here, for a […]