Contour Canyon

Contouring is a makeup technique to use shading and highlighting to make the structures of your face more prominent. The darker colors recede while the lighter tones come forward, creating a thrilling optical illusion on your face! As any dramatic look, daily wear may become tedious, but it’s always fun to try out something new!

Shading adds depth to naturally shadowy areas on your face. Usually two shades darker than your foundation is a good place to start, depending on how deep you want the contour.

Highlighting will brighten and open an area you want to emphasize, like your upper cheeks or cupid’s bow. This light pigment should be about two shades lighter than your foundation.

How to Contour

Cheeks: Use an angled brush or matte bronzer stick in the hollows of your cheeks, extending it up towards your temples and hairline if you want more definition. Place the highlighter atop the cheekbone.

Chin & Neck: Glide along the outside/lower perimeter of your chin up along the side of your jaw bone. Your highlighter will go just below the hollows of your cheeks to create that strong, cutting jawline!

Eyes & Nose: Shade the inner hollow between the eye and top of your nose on both sides down the bridge, leaving the center open for highlighting. Finish off with some highlight below the arch of your eyebrow and on your forehead between your brows!

Once you have all the cream or powder set, it’s time to blend, blend, blend!

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