Bridal Makeup Tips

When you look back at your wedding photos on your 5th anniversary, how do you imagine yourself looking? Bright eyes, wide smile? You can go anywhere from a dramatic winged smokey eye to make it seem like you’re not wearing any at all!

Since most brides prefer a more toned-down look, we will be focusing on that. Feel free to spice it up any which way you want! The photos will most likely be taken in natural lighting, which accentuates the unrefined slopes and curves of your face, so you may want to keep the makeup light and fresh. If you don’t usually wear a lot of makeup, you will be so much more comfortable and less concerned with one more thing during the big day!

Be sure to really cleanse and moisturize leading up to the wedding to ensure your face will be clear, especially if your T-zone gets oily.  Primer is a must-have! (For an outdoor wedding where sunburn may be a worry, put on sunscreen beneath your makeup.) When it comes to the blush, all it takes is a smile to know exactly where to tap some onto accent your natural flush.

For your eyes, you may consider some hues of eyeshadow that make the color of your eyes pop. A bit of light shimmer powder under the arch of your eyebrows and the corner of your eyes are an instant brightener to make you look more awake, even you were just dancing for an hour

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