7 Steps of Writing a Maid of Honor Speech

As the maid of honor, you will probably stand up in front of all the guests and give a toast. Lucky for you, this speech is allowed to be short, sweet, and lighthearted. Feel free to arrange the speech to make it that perfect 2-4 minute sentiment to the couple!

  • Be sure to introduce yourself.

Give a little background on who you are and how you know the bride! It’s more likely than not that many people in attendance don’t know you.

  • Have any surprises?

If you have a prop, like an old hat, a slideshow, or a childhood toy that’s relevant to a story you tell, don’t be afraid to bring it! Quotes, song lyrics, or anything else that is very meaningful to the couple are also perfect to stick in this speech!

  • Tell a brief story starring the bride.

Be sure to highlight positive attributes about her. This is a great way to say what you love most about the bride! It is her big day, so avoid overly embarrassing stories that could paint her in a negative light.

  • How did you meet the groom?

Although you’re here for the bride, you will want to have a story about the groom too! How you two first met is always a good way to get people laughing with first impressions of your friend’s true love.

Segue to talking about the couple.

Why are they perfect for each other? When did you finally notice that change you never saw before, the one where you just knew that they are meant to be together? It’s okay to get emotional, so keep a tissue in hand!

  • Thank those who made it possible.

It’s not cheap to host a wedding, so be sure to thank the couple, their parents, and everyone else who put work into planning, the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding itself.

  • Send them off!

Have a distinct conclusion to your speech with wishes of a happily ever after!

Remember to practice. If it helps, keep notecards nearby. While it is more informal, wedding toasts are still public speeches. Take some deep breaths, smile, and speak clearly!

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